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Christopher Michiels...puts his souls into interior design

MAY 2019

Meet Christopher Michiels of Christopher Michiels Interiors, who brings his design talents from his native Illinois to Naples. Luxe Living’s Michael Korb talked to the designer about his craft and his inspirations. [...]

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Inspiration knows no limits. So, when Chicago-area....


"The vignette in the 2010 Dream Home, designed by Christopher Michiels and Toni Callahan of Schmechtig Landscapes & InEx-teriors is a product-packed example of what it means to gather and entertain outdoors [..]

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SWFL Interior Designers: 4 Decorators Who Perfect Your Space


Southwest Florida has an abundance of designers, those making our interior spaces as individual as we are. TM Media has selected a sliver of a very large pie of interior designers to share with our readers[...]

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The bathroom, known for appearances  on HGTV...

MAY 2009

"He has something working everywhere - the wow factor," said Allyn. "All the style elements balance harmoniously. It takes a lot of vision to put all of those elements together and come up with those results."[...]

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Your Home Dream Awaits. An array of top designer...

JULY 2009

"The drool-worthy DreamHome display is a collaboration between the city's top interior designers and the showroom resources of The Merchandise Mart Design Center[...]

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The Prodigal son...why we love him & what he has done.

MAY 2009

"Christopher Michiels received a "Rising Star Award by Fashion Group International honored to be in the I4 Design Magazine's "Suite 16" (16 of their annual Designer Favorites) [...]

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The DreamHome is perfect 10! Bold accent of colors, texture...


"The Design Center of the Merchandise Mart opened its door to a fabulous crowd. [..]

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